What is a Kiosk? VIDEO: Kiosks 101

Q: What is a Kiosk?

A: Watch this 3-minute video to find out! Our new “What is a Kiosk?” overview provides a quick introduction to the world of interactive kiosks. It covers types of kiosks, most popular uses, components and features.

Kiosk Definition: A kiosk is a physical structure or machine placed in a high-traffic area to provide information, goods and/or services. A kiosk can be staffed or unstaffed.

Interactive Kiosk Definition: An interactive kiosk is a durable, secure touchscreen device that is connected to the internet. It draws attention, engages users, and encourages two-way communication. People use interactive kiosks to get what they want, when they want it, on their own terms.

Kiosk Designs & Uses

Interactive kiosks come in all different shapes and sizes. Advanced Kiosks has 16 kiosk models and counting – wall-mounted, countertop, freestanding, indoor and outdoor. Each kiosk can be outfitted with a wide variety of options and peripherals like printers, credit card readers, barcode scanners and VoIP handsets. The possibilities are endless! So where do you begin?

Start by deciding what you want your kiosk(s) to do. How can interactive kiosks save your company time and money while improving customer experience? The answer is different for every industry, but some of the most popular kiosk uses are:

Our technical sales consultants will help you design your kiosks for the jobs you need them to do.

Kiosk Benefits

Improve Customer Service: Self-service kiosks empower your customers. They provide information, options and convenience.

Save Time & Money: By automating simple tasks and enabling customers to do their own data entry, computer kiosks help you and your staff work more efficiently.

Increase Brand Engagement: Interactive kiosks grab attention! They are a great experiential marketing tool because they engage new customers in a two-way conversation. People learn about your company/products and provide honest feedback about their wants and needs.

Kiosk Software

A kiosk isn’t just a metal box of hardware and electronics. It needs a brain. Our Zamok Kiosk Management Software keeps your kiosks running smoothly and integrates them with your existing systems. Even if all your kiosk content is web-based, you need lockdown kiosk software to keep your kiosk secure and keep users where you want them.

Watch the Video! Haven’t you read enough? Click here to watch “What is a Kiosk?” Then give us a call to get your interactive kiosk project started today!


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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