5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Interactive Kiosk

In business today, nobody has money to burn. So it’s always worth your time to ask the right questions, compare apples to apples, and find the best kiosk manufacturer for your project.

Here at Advanced Kiosks, we make it easy for you to do your due diligence and get the best value. Our Advanced Kiosks Advantage is a handy checklist of ways we outshine the competition. But don’t take our word for it. Just make sure you ask our competitors these 5 questions before you sign on the dotted line:


1) Do you include kiosk management software?

Not just an empty box.

Remote Kiosk Management SoftwareManagement software provides security and allows you to control your kiosks’ functionality to provide your customers with intuitive, satisfying user experiences. Without software, all you have is a pile of metal and electronics – like the scarecrow with no brain.

Advanced Kiosks pre-installs our powerful Zamok Software Suite on every kiosk we ship. Zamok keeps your kiosks secure, lets you manage them remotely, and orchestrates all the hardware (keyboards, printers, scanners, credit card readers, etc.) into a seamless symphony. All included, no additional cost for the first year.

This gets users up and running fast and allows for easy configuration.

Dig Deeper: Here are seven reasons why Zamok is the best kiosk software available today.


2) What support options do you offer?

Tech Support

Advanced Kiosks will get you up and running fast!

When you buy a kiosk from Advanced Kiosks, you automatically get our Cadillac of support, Advanced Support, free for the first 30 days. Just pick up the phone and talk to a real person right here in our office in Concord, New Hampshire.

Even before you receive your kiosk, our technicians will already have done initial configuration and worked with you to design the user interface so it is ready to go right out of the box. Still don’t want to install it yourself? We have a nationwide network of highly capable installation teams that can do the unpacking and any heavy lifting.

Advanced Kiosks offers several types of support, including two levels of technical support so you can choose the package that best meets your needs and your budget.

World Class Support: We don’t only support our kiosks; we’ll bail out our competitors too. Check out our Kiosk Rescue Program.


3) What does your warranty cover and for how long?

3 Year WarrantyWarranties. The devil’s always in the details and/or the fine print. One year tends to be the industry standard. Some companies may promise longer, but only on the metal box.

Advanced Kiosks doesn’t cut corners, and we never compromise on quality. That’s why our unmatched 3 Year Warranty is the best kiosk warranty you’ll find. Please note: It has no fine print!

Dig Deeper: Compare our warranty to the other guys’ in dollars, cents, headaches and time lost.


4) Are your products built to last?

Ideas BulbWe don’t just mean the metal box. And putting other companies’ consumer-grade parts into your enclosure doesn’t count either.

Advanced Kiosks houses a team of in-house hardware and software engineers. We design every element of our product to our own stringent specifications – from the touchscreen to the peripherals. That includes the software it all runs on. With Advanced Kiosks, you know you are always getting commercial grade, American made. It’s what makes us self-service kiosk industry leaders.

Dig Deeper: Consumer-Grade vs. Commercial-Grade Components and how they affect your kiosk’s quality, reliability and durability.


5) Do you have the ability to provide custom solutions?

Custom Solutions

If you have a large scale project that requires integration work, you need to seek out seasoned professionals that are problem solvers and have in-house engineering ability.

At Advanced Kiosks, we design and manufacture all our products, but we are also kiosk integrators. Our project consultants have the technical expertise to assess your needs and work with you to meet them. Our kiosk software is a key component for easy integration and aesthetic customization to match your existing brand.

Over 15+ years in the industry, we’ve developed an impressive stable of off-the-shelf, turnkey solutions. But if you are looking to do something completely new, something customized specifically to how you do business, our in-house engineers are up to the challenge!

Dig Deeper: Want to know more about our customization capabilities? For one premier dental clinic, our engineers designed a kiosk-driven controlled entry system. That’s right; we can figure out ways for our kiosks to control other machines in your office!


Get the Advanced Kiosks Advantage

Talk to our competitors. Once you’ve asked them these questions and ticked through the Advanced Kiosks Advantage checklist, you’ll know who the best kiosk manufacturer is, hands down. Give us a call today to claim your Advantage.


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author


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