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SouthWest Transit Gets Face-to-Face with Customer Service Kiosks

February 11, 2019

If the vast majority of your customers used your service the same way, every day, no matter what, you’d be tempted to rest on your laurels. But that’s not how SouthWest Transit is built....

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Airport Kiosk Blog

The Airport Kiosk, Top 5 Ways to Leverage Self Service

October 9, 2017

For about a decade now airports have been implementing a self service check in airport kiosk to cut down on increasing wait times and give passengers multiple check in options. As a result, major...

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VIDEO: Tower Kiosk, Self Serve Airport Kiosk

August 17, 2017

High traffic hubs such as airports are loud, bright, confusing, and service hundreds of thousands of people each day. Often, travelers experience severely long wait times and confusion due to the need for up...

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Tower Kiosk Airport

Introducing the Tower Kiosk for Airports and more!

August 8, 2017

Towering above the rest, a real crowd pleaser Advanced Kiosks announces the release of the Tower Kiosk. This computer kiosk has a built in large vertical touch screen and is designed for high volume...

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The Travel Kiosk: A Beginner’s Guide To Self Service Travel Tips

April 24, 2017

Self-service technology is being used globally and travel kiosks are now emerging as the ideal solution to cut down wait times for travelers and allow people to spend more of their time off actually on...

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Taking Off with Airport Kiosks!

February 27, 2017

  They come in a variety of styles and purposes, but airport kiosks are sure to be a part of your next trip

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