Use a Giving Kiosk to Extend a Helping Hand

From the big-box retailers to the local coffee shop, it seems just about everyone is turning their self service kiosk into a giving kiosk. This intersection of humanity and technology enable greater visibility for specific causes and a more direct interaction with donors.

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No matter the locale, kiosks have become an effective tool for businesses and organizations to raise awareness and receive charitable donations for those in need. And with so many churches serving as the cornerstone for charitable causes in their communities, it’s no surprise that religious groups across the country have adopted electronic kiosks as the way for 21st century parishioners to extend a helping hand to their friends and neighbors.

There’s no doubt that interactive kiosks are a great way for the modern churchgoer to toss a few bills into the offering plate. But when churches identify specific needs outside the of the weekly offering, such as funding a church mission or donations for natural disaster relief, an automated kiosk can give parishioners the ability to direct their contribution toward a specific need. Indeed, as the citizens of Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico work toward rebuilding their communities after the devastating hurricanes, the ability to quickly establish a disaster response drive gives churches across the country the power to be a comforting refuge in a time of need.

Whether it’s a Thanksgiving turkey drive, winter coat drive, food drive, or toy drive, the holiday season is always guaranteed to maximize the number of needy causes. But of all the increased demand has the potential to leave folks stumped about the best way to designate their contribution for a specific cause. To solve this, our products come complete with a program called the Zamok Homepage Solution, which allows the kiosk to display multiple causes and ways to contribute. With Zamok Homepage Solution, each of your parishioners will be empowered to direct their offering to the causes that are most important to them.

Committed to building the perfect kiosk solution for every situation, our crack team of engineers has made every effort to design product features that will fit your church community like a glove. From an optional privacy screen to prevent anyone who isn’t using the kiosk from seeing what’s on the screen to automated notifications that alert church officials of any attempts to tamper with the kiosk, we’re dedicated to protecting your organization with the highest standards of information security.

With the addition of an electronic giving kiosk from Advanced Kiosks, setting up ad hoc and seasonal causes for your attendees to direct their donations to will be simpler than ever. But that’s just the beginning of what churches are using kiosks for:

Want to learn more about what a giving kiosk can do for your organization? Get in touch with one of our project consultants today to learn how your church can invest in its future using self serve technology. Call us at (603)865-1000 or contact us here.

To find out the best ways to  help the areas affected by the 2017 hurricane season, check out this great article from Business Insider.

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