VIDEO: Eliminating IT Concerns About Computer Kiosks

You’re an IT professional. We know how it is. You have enough to do just keeping the place up and running. Then there are all the ongoing projects: equipment refreshes, software upgrades, migrations, security audits . . . the list goes on. You’re barely keeping all the balls in the air when someone from the C-suite or HR or marketing pops their head in and says, “Hey, I got this idea for an interactive kiosk project!”

Ugh. More hardware, new hardware, nonstandard hardware. Do they even come with software?

You’ve got lots of questions and concerns. Don’t worry. We have answers. And if you don’t have time to read our answers, just watch our new video: IT Concerns About Computer Kiosks.

Appropriate Kiosk Solutions & Support

Yes, we are engineers, but we’re not looking to over-engineer your project. Our Director of Sales and Business Development Chip Stata is a self-proclaimed “devotee of voluntary simplicity.” He made the jump from IT (vCIO, network/IP/firewall engineering) to technical sales consulting so he could be proactive rather than reactive. Now he helps clients select and configure strategic solutions, instead of bandaging up things that were never quite right to begin with.

The types of questions you ask (and our answers to them) will vary based on your company, your shop, and what you need these kiosks to do. Whether you’re an IT department of one, or a cast of thousands that just doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on something new, Advanced Kiosks has the expertise and the technical support plans to configure, install and maintain your kiosks for you. Conversely, if you only need a partner to step in and occasionally supplement your IT team, we can do that too.

Standard, Reliable Kiosk Components

The first question on most IT experts’ minds is: “What kind of computer is in that thing?”

All our kiosk computers come with high-speed processors, plenty of memory, and 60-120 GB solid-state hard drives. They all run Windows 10 Professional. “If you’re an enterprise-class company, we know how important your corporate standard is. Our kiosk computers are easy to image and assimilate into your fleet,” Chip says.

Advanced Kiosks’ high standards don’t stop at the computer. All our kiosk components are commercial grade and American made. That’s why we can offer our unmatched 3-year warranty. It’s the best in the business!

IT Staff

Easy Internet Connectivity Options

We know that connectivity is at the top of the list of IT concerns about computer kiosks. We pride ourselves on shipping plug-and-play, turnkey kiosks. All our kiosk models can access the internet via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. For some military installations, or companies with maximum security requirements, kiosks can be outfitted with mobile 4G modems that keep them connected and off your network.

Secure Lockdown Software

Nobody takes kiosk security as seriously as we do. Unlike many of our competitors, every Advanced kiosks model is designed to be used with our powerful and intuitive kiosk management software. There are at least seven reasons why our Zamok Kiosk Software Suite is the best kiosk software available on the market. For this post, we’re going to focus on its security features: Zamok prevents users from accessing your network or the computer’s operating system. Its robust kiosk lockdown software keeps users on the websites you choose; no surfing allowed.

Turnkey Kiosk Installation

All the heavy lifting is done before your kiosks leave our facility. Advanced Kiosks technicians work with you to configure your Zamok software exactly how you want it. The kiosks are then shipped fully assembled. In most cases you only need to plug them in. If you don’t have any internal IT support and/or are new to the world of self-service technology and interactive kiosks, we highly recommend our new Onboarding Service, which provides a personal touch from initial consultation through project launch.

Avoid the New-Tech Headache

Easy to implement, reliable and secure. We have a term for all these features. We call it the Advanced Kiosks Advantage. It’s the difference between the competitors’ bootable box and our pre-configured, fully integrated, interactive kiosk system.

Self-service technology should deliver a superior customer experience while saving you time and money. To learn more about stress-free kiosk implementation, watch our new IT Concerns video and share it with your IT staff. For more details or to discuss a project you have in mind,  contact us today.



Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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