Wall Mounted Computer Kiosks: Big Performance, Space-Saving Designs

What does an organization do when it wants to provide a large amount of information in limited floor space? The answer is a wall mounted computer kiosk, which offers accessibility, versatility, and a stylish design – all in one space-saving compact package.

At its heart, the self service kiosk is a powerful wall mounted computer in an eye-catching package. If you strip away the kiosk enclosure, what you’ll find inside is a kiosk computer that can display anything from web content to local applications. If you can imagine it, our wall-mounted computer kiosks can do it.

Our Wall Mounted Computer Kiosk Product Line

Each of Advanced Kiosks’ wall-mounted kiosks has a powerful computer capable of meeting all your needs, no matter the industry. Manufacturing, entertainment, corporate, cultural – your wall-mounted Advanced Kiosks product has the versatility for any environment. In fact, we offer different wall mounted kiosk models for different applications:

Retail Kiosk

Retail Kiosks

The Retail Kiosk allows traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to better compete with online retailers, using self-service technology that maximizes the customers’ in-store experience.  The kiosk comes in several different wall-mount configurations to fit all your business needs.

Originally designed to meet consumer needs in a retail setting, this diverse form factor is now used in many industries including healthcare, hospitality and more. This kiosk can be wall mounted at different heights, commonly utilized for standing users when the application is something relatively quick such as checking the status of an order or making a transaction. When mounted lower with the table accessory, seated users can comfortably access systems where the task might take a bit longer such as filling out forms or checking email.  With options for either a vertical or horizontal monitor orientation, this may be the most versatile computer kiosk model on the market.

The Retail Kiosk boasts:

  • 22″ touchscreen
  • Amplified stereo speakers
  • Attached side table
  • Powder coat finish
  • Wi-Fi and Cat 5 connection

And a powerful computer:

  • 8 GHz quad core Intel CPU
  • 4 GB DDR3 memory
  • 120 GB solid state hard drive

With a host of optional features such as credit card scanning, bar codes, QR code scanning, VoIP and more, the Retail Kiosk marries form with function while occupying a very small amount of space.

Compact Power Kiosk

Compact Kiosk Front Left HandsetAt just 22.2” tall, 16.8” wide and 2.9” deep, the Compact Power Kiosk offers superior value and maximum versatility in a small package. As an added bonus, it’s one of the top selling ADA compliant wall-mounted kiosks on the market.

Long term healthcare facilities such as nursing homes often choose the Compact Power for its simplistic wall mounted design, ideal for busy hallways where having something freestanding would be in the way and impractical. This model is also very popular with churches where they often use several Compact Power kiosks for efficient child check-in or even tithing.

Features include:

  • 17″ LCD touchscreen monitor
  • 16-gauge steel enclosure
  • Brushed stainless steel front
  • Amplified stereo speakers
  • Thermal control cooling
  • Wi-Fi & CAT 5 connections
  • Plexi branding display window

The standard computer includes:

  • 60GHz dual core Intel processor
  • 2GB DDR3 1333/1600
  • 60GB solid state drive

You can further customize your unit with computer upgrades and options such as a credit card reader, VOIP handset, call switching, barcode scanner, built-in web camera and ADA touchpad.

Powerful Kiosk Software

Our units are made all the more powerful because of our cutting-edge ZAMOK software suite, making it easy to secure, control, and manage your kiosk(s):

  • Monitor and manage all kiosks remotely – right from your desk
  • Customize the kiosk screens with easy-to-use templates
  • Get texts or email notifications for outages or network issues
  • Secure access so users can only access the content YOU choose

ZAMOK offers a host of administrative, user, and communications applications including document scanning, credit card capture, and printing. And our ZAMOK software is free for the first year!

ZAMOK software was built from customer requests for real world applications. It is the added value that puts Advanced Kiosks products head and shoulders above other kiosk manufacturers and gets customers up and running fast!

Our wall-mounted computer kiosks really embody our mission of “To make self-service technology beautiful and easy to use for everyone.”

The Advanced Kiosk Difference

With Advanced Kiosks products, you can expect superior, made-in-the-USA quality on everything from our commercial grade kiosk enclosures to our computers to our custom-made kiosk software.

We are so confident in the quality of our kiosks, we are the only kiosk manufacturer to offer a standard, best-in-the-business 3-year warranty on our enclosures, our touch screen monitors and our computers. We stand behind our products 100%.

While we are a leading kiosk manufacturer, at our heart we are engineers; our team of experienced engineers is in-house, right here in Concord, New Hampshire.  Our expertise has allowed us to develop interactive computer kiosks that are tough, quiet, easy to install and require almost no maintenance.

Want to know more? Call us at 1 (866) 783-3791; or contact our sales team with this email form. An experienced Kiosk Project Consultant will work with you to determine the best self-service technology solution for your interactive project, so you get the perfect solution to ensure your project is a success!


Written by Tami Brouillette, contributing author

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