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Hey Concord, here we come!

AK Moving to Concord NH

Fueled by the rapid growth of interactive kiosk technology sales and a recent expansion of technical support services, we’re excited to announce that Advanced Kiosks headquarters is moving to a new, larger manufacturing facility in a central New Hampshire location.

The new facility at 134 Hall St., Concord, NH, will allow Advanced Kiosks to expand manufacturing capacity and access a larger pool of talent in Southern New Hampshire and the nearby Boston area. The more than 7,500-square-foot kiosk manufacturing factory is just a half mile from I-89 and I-93, and close to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, making it a convenient location for visiting clients and partners.

“Moving our headquarters to Concord is going to make us more accessible and give us the space we need to increase capacity and more quickly turn around larger orders,” said Founder and President Howard Horn. “Most important is having a central location that increases our ability to attract engineers, designers and modern thinkers, which is key in growing our company.”

While New Hampshire is home to many technology companies, Advanced Kiosks provides a different kind of company for the region: Manufacturing and technology under one roof. With mills that dominate much of the riverfront, Southern New Hampshire has a long manufacturing history.  Concord, the state capital, is growing into an increasingly vibrant community and place to do business. The combination of the two makes Concord the perfect place for our relocation.

The move reinforces Advanced Kiosk’s commitment to quality and customer service. The company’s US-made interactive kiosks are known for unmatched quality construction, powerful kiosk software, third-party integration and functionality. Combine that with the recent addition of expanded support offerings and they are everything your business needs to stay ahead in one turnkey package.

Our flagship Zamok Kiosk Software is a powerful suite of tools that delivers a wealth of kiosk management features with unrivaled functionality, making integration with third-party software or web-based content a breeze.

Proud New Hampshire Roots, Serving a Global Market

Advanced Kiosks was started by parent company, H32 Design and Development (H32) Engineering, founded in February 2000 in the cellar office of Horn’s garage.

As more and more industries began to adopt kiosk technology, the demand for self-service became evident. Advanced Kiosks was started in 2003 as a division of H32 and is built on the philosophy of helping users solve problems.

As the years went by, a diverse range of industries discovered the versatility of self-service kiosk technology as well as the reliability and quality of Advanced Kiosks’ products, which are tailored to meet the needs of specific markets.

Today, the industries we serve include:

How Advanced Kiosks has grown over the years

Starting with the iKiosk, over the years our technology offerings have grown to include popular models such as the Freestanding Kiosk or the Transit Outdoor Kiosk, and wall mounted kiosks such as the Compact Power (just 3 inches thick!). We now have 16 standard kiosk models and more to come.

In 2008 we began to develop and offer kiosk software. One of our latest offerings is the new Kiosk Rescue Program, a support service that uses our Zamok Kiosk Software to repair competitors’ kiosks that are not functioning at all or just not performing as desired. It’s the perfect solution for those businesses who invested in a lesser product and need our help to get dead kiosks up and running and servicing their businesses.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Interactive Kiosk Manufacturers

We’re proud to say our software is designed and engineered in-house, right here in New Hampshire. Not many kiosk manufacturers can boast about having an in-house engineering staff, but we believe it’s necessary to be able to provide complete self service solutions for our customers.

It’s just one of many things that make us a leader in this industry. Another aspect of our business that differs from the pack and we feel strongly about is the fact that our kiosks are all American-made by local workers using commercial grade hardware. We never compromise on quality. We test our products thoroughly and we will never ship an order to you until everything passes a rigorous evaluation.

Advanced Kiosks Advantage Logo

Qualities of the ‘Advanced Kiosks Advantage’ include:

  • Custom kiosk software. We offer wide array of software packages and built in functionality to help our customers meet their self-service needs and be up and running fast. For custom development needs, we have the resources to make it happen.
  • Industry experience and expertise. With over 16 years in the industry, Advanced Kiosks has provided thousands of self-service kiosk solutions spanning dozens of industries.
  • A 3-year warranty. Unmatched in our industry, our warranty covers not just the metal housing, but every component within your computer kiosk.
  • World-class support. Our name is on the product you buy and that’s our promise. We believe that the customer experience doesn’t end after the sale but continues for the life of your product.

Advanced Kiosks has built a strong reputation in the industry because of our commitment to quality products and services. And our reputation in the marketplace continues to grow as more and more businesses find that our products offer the versatility and value they want with the reliability they need.

We are all excited about the move of the Advanced Kiosks headquarters and look forward to serving our valued existing and future clients at our new facility in Concord. Not a customer yet? Contact us today and one of our technical sales representatives will assist with the information and guidance to select the perfect solution for your office or organization!