Custom Kiosk Design to Stand Out from the Crowd

Self-service kiosks are popping up everywhere. From pharmacies to fast food chains, big box stores to botanical gardens. One forecast predicts the interactive kiosk market will hit $34 billion by 2023. In this ever-expanding sea, how can you make your kiosks stand out? Custom kiosk design is the answer. We have some attention-grabbing tips along with examples of clients who have used custom kiosk design to make a splash and get noticed.

Kiosk Branding: Make Your Kiosk Look Like You

Green2Go Full Graphic Wrap

Green2Go full graphic wrap fleet of kiosks

The easiest way to customize your kiosk is to make sure it fits your brand. The machine should look like your company. We have three ways to make that happen. First, depending on the kiosk model you select, you can choose from up to 10 standard colors, brushed stainless steel, or create your own custom kiosk color. Next, incorporate vinyl graphics or your company logo. Each kiosk model has specifications for graphic size and placement guidelines.

If you really want to make that kiosk pop, try a full wrap. A kiosk graphic wrap is exactly what it sounds like: the machine is wrapped in your colors, logo and graphics, plus any text you may want to include. Wraps are especially helpful when the kiosk is located away from your home base. It makes your interactive kiosk easily identifiable in any environment, an extension of your business.

Kiosk Integration: Make Your Kiosk Work Like You

In this era of digital transformation, smart companies are banishing disparate systems. Excellent customer experience hinges on seamless workflows behind the scenes. That means your kiosk should use the same software you use. Fortunately, kiosk integration is actually getting easier as software companies move to web- and cloud-based platforms.

University of the Pacific School of Dentistry

University of the Pacific – Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Less than five years ago, when we worked with University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry to create their iKiosk gateway, Advanced Kiosks engineers had to design custom software to integrate with axiUm. Now this dental clinic management system used by 90% of North American dental schools is web-based and easily integrates across an entire clinic ecosystem.

But no matter what industry you work in or software you run on, the Advanced Kiosks Advantage means you get a team of experienced engineers who make kiosk integration a snap. Our pre-installed Zamok Kiosk Software is compatible with all major HR software platforms and Self-Storage software solutions. We have clients using our kiosks with volunteer management software and even casino-specific software programs. When we say we can integrate with any industry, we mean it.

Kiosk Innovation: Make Your Kiosk Do Interesting Things

Everyone knows self-service kiosks are great for online ordering, ticket sales, wayfinding and info sharing. More and more healthcare providers are using kiosk queuing systems too. But one sure-fire way to make your kiosk stand out is to make it do something interesting and out of the ordinary. Advanced Kiosks’ engineering chops make us a natural partner when clients want to try something that’s never been done before. We love to blaze a trail!

Snap-On Tools Trade Show

Snap-On Tools trade show, interactive car kiosk display

Here’s just a sampling of some of our favorite custom kiosk designs:

Controlled Entry: At Pacific Dugoni and self storage facilities across the country, our kiosks open doors (and turnstiles), quite literally.

Biometrics: We worked with LEID Products on their Biometric Access Control Systems’ Evidence Management System to keep evidence safe throughout criminal justice procedures.

Illumination: We helped Snap-on Tools out of a jam when they needed a tradeshow kiosk to interactively light up their damaged car display, highlighting specific trouble spots at the touch of a button.

Alternative Energy: We partnered with Helios Solar Energy on a solar kiosk display that allowed customers to monitor their energy production in real time.

Got a crazy idea for customizing your kiosk? Our engineers would love to help you bring it to life!

Kiosk Experience: Customize Your Kiosk’s User Interface

Sonora Custom Interface Design

Sonora, Texas, Visitor Guide Kiosk: Custom interface design by Frey Creative Media

Our kiosks are beautiful and eye-catching, but we know it’s how they interact with customers that sets them apart. Sure, many of our clients already have amazing web presences, and they just need lockdown kiosk software to keep users where they want them. However, if you want to go the extra mile to design a kiosk experience specifically for your users, we’re happy to take that journey with you. We helped Swain County’s history museum customize a user interface specifically for children. Their customized kiosk made it easy for kids to access content, print badges and even create and share picture postcards.

Throughout our 16-year history, Advanced Kiosks has never shied away from custom interface design. But for 2019, we’ve made a New Year’s resolution. We are building capacity and investing in custom interface design talent – people with the keen eyes, artistic vision and design experience to bring your customized kiosk to life. Look for lots of movement on this front in the very near future!

Call Us for Custom Kiosk Design

From simple aesthetics to form and function, there are many ways to customize kiosks. Whether you just need a custom color/vinyl logo or you want to try something that’s never been done before, Advanced Kiosks is ready to make your kiosk stand out from the pack. Our engineering acumen is what sets us apart and positions you for custom kiosk design success. Contact our technical project consultants today to start customizing your future!


Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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