Kiosk Refresh: Your Windows 7 End-of-Life Solution

Windows 7 is near end of life, but your interactive kiosk doesn’t have to be. Advanced Kiosks’ new Kiosk Refresh program makes necessary upgrades and ongoing maintenance affordable. Regardless of who you originally purchased your aging kiosk from, we can help you bring it back from the brink of extinction. 

The Problem: Windows 7 End-of-Life Alert

Microsoft has announced that after January 14, 2020, it will no longer support Windows 7 computers. “End of support” means:

  • NO security updates
  • NO technical support
  • NO software updates

We’re not telling you this is Y2K all over again. In fact, your Windows 7 interactive kiosk will probably start right up come January 15th. It will, however, be unsupported and over time become more vulnerable to cyberattack. Any self-service kiosk running on Windows 7 will pose a security risk to your entire network and your business.

If your Windows 7 kiosk does manage to dodge viruses and malware, whenever it inevitably begins experiencing technical issues, there is no one to call. That’s why Microsoft advises upgrading to Windows 10 immediately.


If swapping out internal kiosk components and configuring new software is more than you want to deal with, our Kiosk Refresh solution is for you. Advanced Kiosks technicians will do all the hard work, and we’ll save you the cost of upgrading your kiosk computer and operating system.

When you commit to one year of ZAMOK 2 Enterprise kiosk software and Full Technical Support, Kiosk Refresh will provide your Windows 7 kiosk with:

  1. Brand new computer
  2. Windows 10 operating system
  3. ZAMOK Enterprise kiosk management software
  4. Full technical support

Your new system ships preconfigured and ready to make your kiosk 10 years younger. “We’re rewarding your investment in the long-term health of your interactive kiosk with everything it needs to keep serving you well for years to come,” explains our Founder & President Howard Horn.

Welcome to ZAMOK 2 Enterprise

If you’re new to Advanced Kiosks, prepare to fall in love with our industry-leading kiosk management software. If you’ve been limping along on an older version of ZAMOK, you will be amazed by all the new functionality ZAMOK 2 Enterprise offers. It still keeps your digital kiosks secure, locked down and tamper-proof, but we’ve taken remote kiosk management and monitoring to new heights. You can update content for an entire fleet of kiosks from the comfort of your own desk, and your kiosks can even text you when they’re having a problem.

Cloud-based ZAMOK 2 Enterprise is ready and able to take your kiosk user experience (UX) to the next level with video chat and co-browsing capabilities, a built-in customer survey tool, and a host of integration solutions. If you need help determining which ZAMOK capabilities are right for your business, our kiosk UX experts will work with you to design and build a kiosk user interface that fits your brand and best serves your customers. While you’re updating your kiosk’s insides, why not make its exterior sparkle too? 

Give New Life to Your End-of-Life Kiosk

Don’t gamble with the health of your aging kiosk. Make a smart investment that’s guaranteed to pay off. Call today to enroll in KIOSK REFRESH.

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