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Organizations today are implementing HR kiosks to connect work forces who either do not have human resource personnel on-site, or to reduce the burden of paperwork that continues to grow for HR staff everywhere. By using HR Kiosks, Human Resource professionals can focus more on improvements to company culture and increasing the bottom line through strategic HR efforts.

Your HRM Software on Our Self Service Kiosks

Computer kiosks for human resource services not only saves time and money, but also allows you to fully actualize your investment in your HRM or Human Resource Management software. Our kiosks will work with any web based software solution and are incredibly easy to set up. All Advanced Kiosks models come with built in software which provides control over what is displayed to the employee. Easily configure the display to offer navigation to the company website, HRM system or any combination of specific web destinations of your choice, the kiosk will be locked down to ONLY the destinations you choose as the administrator and can be changed at any time, its up to you!


  • Connect with Employees and Provide Awareness
  • Provide Secure Access to Payroll Information
  • Employees can Self Manage 401K or Retirement Accounts
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Manage a Queue for HR Appointment check-in
  • Offer 24 hour Access to Forms and Documentation
  • Provide Access to Vacation and Time-off Requests
  • Promote Corporate and Community Events and Registrations
  • Educate Employees and Offer Training Materials
  • Reduce Costs with Printing Kiosks
  • Take Full Advantage of Features Offered by Your HRM



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