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HR Kiosk Solutions

Organizations in many industries today are implementing HR kiosk solutions and employee self service to connect with work forces who either do not have human resource personnel on-site, or need to reduce the burden of paperwork that continues to grow for HR staff.

HR Kiosks allow Human Resource professionals to focus more on company culture and strategic HR efforts. As businesses undergo the transition to Digital HR, employee self service is the critical tool that brings it all together, empowers staff and aids in retention.


Employee Uses

  • Time Clock and Payroll Information
  • Vacation and Time Off Requests
  • Benefit Enrollment and Changes
  • Form Submission and Authorization
  • Printing and Scanning
  • Schedule Appointments with HR
  • Access Events and Company Notices
  • MSDS and Document Access
  • Surveys, Suggestions and Complaints

Overall Benefits

  • 24/7 Employee Access
  • Reduced HR Staffing Demands
  • Remote Kiosk Administration
  • Promote Company Announcements
  • Reduce Printing and Mailing Expenses
  • Eco Friendly Alternative to Paperwork
  • Enforce Documentation Accuracy
  • Audit and Track User Activity
  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

HR Software – ERP, HCM, HRMS or HRIS

We work with what you already use!

Advanced Kiosks integrates seamlessly with most major self storage software providers as well as web based content or windows applications.

These are just a few of the major vendors providing software solutions to for human resource management today. Contact us for details about integrating with your existing management software.

Kiosk Management Software

What comes inside!

Every kiosk that we ship comes pre-installed with our ZAMOK kiosk management software to get you up and running quickly and provide critical features such as:
  • Remote Kiosk Administration Tools
  • Energy Saving Power Scheduler
  • Kiosk Screen Templates, no technical skill required!
  • Credit Card Swipe and Capture
  • VOIP Phone Support
  • Document Printing & Scanning Support
  • Driver’s License Scanning Support

And much more!


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