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Advanced Kiosks knows your kiosk solution provides great value to your self service project. Let our Kiosk Knowledge Base help with this issue. Are any of the following articles listed below similar to your kiosk specific problem? Click an article to find out more. For further assistance, please visit our product documentation pages, create a support ticket or call one of our technical support experts at (603) 865-1000.

Compact Power has no power when switching it on

Issue: When I flipped the switch to turn on the Compact Power Kiosk, nothing turns on. Troubleshooting: There are few points where power could be interrupted. Confirm when the switch is flipped, the monitor does not display "No Signal", the fan does not come on and...

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Adding Wi-Fi to the Outdoor Kiosk

Adding a Wi-Fi connection to the Outdoor Kiosk is an option that must be requested when ordering the kiosk.  Adding a Wi-Fi connection to an Outdoor Kiosk after the fact is not recommended. While there are available USB ports where you could plug in a Wi-Fi module,...

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