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Advanced Kiosks has been fortunate to work with many amazing customers across industries and around the globe. Learn more about their self-service projects below.

Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Industry: Courts
  • Product: Visitor Management System
  • Kiosk Model: Merchant Max
  • Zamok Subscription: Basic + Customized WordPress site
  • Details: The kiosk’s main purpose is to supplement to the county’s Clerk of Court staff. It handles menial tasks, freeing up staff members to take on more impactful projects. The Loudoun kiosk administrators are active and motivated, working closely with Advanced Kiosks team members to ensure a successful self-service implementation.
  • Use Case:
    • Easy access to forms (User can print or complete forms on kiosk)
    • Wayfinding around courthouse
    • Historic records
    • General information regarding Jury, Probate, Legal Services, Notary Public, etc.
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Hennepin County, MN

  • Industry: Government
  • Product: Office Extension
  • Kiosk Model: (QTY: 26)
  • Zamok Subscription:
  • Details:
  • Use Case:
  • Customer Testimonial